The MAThematics Center Heidelberg (MATCH)
Workshop: Modeling, Simulation and Control of Flow
May 7.-9., 2008
Organized by: Bock, Jäger, Rannacher, Stevens

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Long talks (40 min. + 10 min. discussion)
Eberhard Baensch (Erlangen): "Free surface flow in technological applications"
Michal Benes (DM CTU, Prague): "Recent advances in mathematical modelling and numerical simulation technology and environment"
Eduard Feireisl (IM CAS, Prague): "Asymptotic properties of fluid flows in domain with rough boundaries"
Jens Frehse (Bonn): "Regularity in linear Elasto-Plasticity"
Andrei Fursikov (Moscow): "Stabilization and stable invariant manifolds for Navier-Stokes and semilinear parabolic equations"
Jaroslav Haslinger (NM CUNI, Prague): "Shape optimization approach for numerical realization in free boundary problems of Bernoulli type"
Jaroslav Hron (MI CUNI, Prague): "A monolithic FEM solver for fluid structure interaction in ALE formulation"
Josef Malek (MI CUNI, Prague): "On solvability of non-linear heat equation with a non-integrable convective term and the right-hand side involving Radon measures"
Michael Ruzicka (Freiburg): "Theoretical and numerical analysis of generalized Newtonian fluids"
Volker Schulz (Trier): "Novel approaches to aerodynamic shape optimization under uncertainties"
Endre Süli (Oxford): "Kinetic models for dilute polymers: analysis, approximation and computation"

Short talks (20 min. + 10 min. discussion)
Helmut Abels (MIS Leipzig): "Mathematical Analysis of Diffuse Interface Models for Two-Phase Flows"
Raymond Chan (MIS Leipzig): "Mathematical modeling of rotational tissue culturesin cell biology"
Igor Doktorski (IWR Heidelberg): "Modelling mechanical aspects of biofilm growth"
Vit Dolejsi (NM CUNI, Prague): "Analysis of discontinuous Galerkin method for convection-diffusion problems"
Elfriede Friedmann (IAM Heidelberg): "Multiscale analysis & shape design. A study of shark skin and its drag reducing mechanism"
Eberhard Michel (IAM Heidelberg): "Motion of bodies in fluids"
Maria Neuss-Radu (IAM Heidelberg): "Modeling and analysis of reactive flow through a deformable system of cells"
Milan Pokorny (MU CUNI, Prague): "Weak solutions for the steady compressible Navier--Stokes--Fourier system"
Andreas Potschka (IWR Heidelberg): "An inexact SQP method for optimization of a simulated moving bed process"
Dalibor Prazak (MA CUNI, Prague): "Dimension of the attractor for three-dimensional flow of non-Newtonian fluid"
Petra Pustejovska (MI CUNI, Prague): "Theoretical and numerical analysis of flows of synovial fluids"
Thomas Richter (IAM Heidelberg): "On stabilization techniques in solving the Navier-Stokes equations"
Sebastian Sager (IWR Heidelberg): "Towards Mixed-integer optimal control of flow problems"
Michael Schmich (IAM Heidelberg): "Adaptive space-time discretization of flow models"
Jan Stebel (IM CAS, Prague): "Shape optimization of paper machine headbox"
Robert Straka (DM CTU, Prague): "Applications in combustion processes"
Miloslav Vlasak (NM CUNI, Prague): "On a time discretization of evolution problems"
Frederic Weller (IWR Heidelberg): "Platelet deposition in non-parallel flow. Influence of shear stress, changes in surface reactivity, and thrombus growth."
Leonard Wirsching (IWR Heidelberg): "Fast Online Computation for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control"

IM CAS Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
MI CUNI Mathematical Institute, Faculty of Mathematics, Charles Univ.
NM CUNI Department of Numerical Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles Univ.
MA CUNI Department of Numerical Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles Univ.
DM CTU Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Nuclear Engeneering, Czech Technical University
IWR Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing, Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg
IAM Institute of Applied Mathematics, Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg
MIS Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences (MIS), Leipzig