University of Heidelberg, Applied Analysis Seminar
Thu 28.05.2020
14:15, posted in Applied Analysis
Dr. Marco Bonacini (University of Trento)
Minimality of polygons in a nonlocal anisotropic isoperimetric problem
Online via HeiCONF

In this talk I will discuss the minimization of an energy functional given by the sum of a crystalline perimeter and a nonlocal interaction of Riesz type, under volume constraint. It will be shown that, in the small mass regime, if the polygonal Wulff shape of the anisotropic perimeter has certain symmetry properties, then it is the unique global minimizer of the total energy. I will also present a rigidity result for the structure of (local) minimizers in two dimensions. This is a joint work with R. Cristoferi and I. Topaloglu.

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