University of Heidelberg, Applied Analysis Seminar
Thu 02.12.2021
14:15, posted in Applied Analysis
Dr. Amrita Ghosh (IAM, University of Bonn)
On Shikhmurzaev approach to the Contact Line Problem

I will discuss the general moving contact line problem, arising from many fluid mechanics phenomena. The classical formulation of this model with the no-slip (Dirichlet) boundary condition for velocities at the liquid-solid interface gives rise to a non-integrable singularity of the shear stress, which is known as the ”moving contact line paradox”. Y. Shikhmurzaev proposed (1993) a different approach to solve this issue. This approach, apart from the classical conservation equations, formulates the boundary conditions for the equations in the bulk phases in an elaborate way, which can be viewed as a generalization of the existing models in the literature, although generated from a different underlying theory. After giving an overview of this model, I would like to derive a thin film approximation of Shikhmurzaev’s model to compare with the other solution model of the contact line problem.

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